Are you looking for Air Dynamic Sunglasses for the motorcycle, scooter, moped and (cross) bicycle, for on or near the water, (anglers) and for other outdoor activities? 
Our special Air Dynamic Glasses with Yellow Night Contrast Lenses guarantees a very sharp contrast-rich image both during the day and in the dark.


Why Night Contrast?

Due to its high contrast effect, you can see small details and objects on the road much faster and sharper, which is not unimportant at high speeds. And with this Night Contrast lenses you will have a much sharper view, as well as in the dark, as well in the day, during driving, cycling or running and in bad weather, like heavy rainfall, fog and snow.

As a result, you will be less distracted and you can focus your attention much better on the road and the busy traffic around you. And beside all this, you will no longer be blinded by the too sharp LED lighting of your oncoming traffic or traffic behind you. In addition, you look much sharper at the instruments of your motorcycle, car, navigation, telephone, and so on.

Air Dynamic

The Air Dynamic frame is made from very strong Acetate, it is very flexible, lightweight and due to its Air Dynamic design, these glasses also fit under a helmet. Because of its perfect closure, your eyes also get good protection against the wind and the blowing of sand, dust and insects in your eyes.

Water-repellent (Hydrophobic) Lenses

The glasses are provided with a Super Hydrophobic Coating which makes the glasses dirt and water resistant. So if you get some rain on the way, the drops will roll off your glasses, especially at high speed, so that you can basically continue driving. And if you use the glasses during the day, the unbreakable high-quality plastic TAC lenses also offers 100% UV-400 protection against the sun rays that are so harmful to your eyes.

Sport and Outdoor Activities

Night Contrast Glasses with Yellow Lenses are also widely used in some sports including clay pigeon shooting, running, tennis, golf and other sports and outdoor activities where sharp vision benefits. This makes these glasses very suitable for (cross) cycling in forests and the like, because then you will also have much less nuisance if the landscape changes from open spaces to afforestation, so from light to dark!

In short, very effective sunglasses that should not be missing in your glasses collection! Just like our Air Dynamic High Contrast Glasses ZO-0007JHC, ZO-000HHC and our Air Dynamic Sunglasses ZO-0003N! 

All Ofar's Nicht Contrast comes with a FREE sporty zipper case to protect your glasses, and a microfiber soft cleaning pouch, worth € 7,95!

Ofar - NC-007LH - Night Contrast
Air Dynamic - Flexible - Fit Under a Helmet
Fits Size:
One Size
Frame Colour:
Lens Colour:
Yellow - Night Contrast - Water-Repellent 
TAC Lenses - Unbreakable - Scratch Resistant
100% UV-400 - Category 1 - Not Polarized
        Shipping Information:


A -  Frame width: 135mm          B - Lens width: 65mm
C - Lens hight: 37mm
D - Bridge size: 18mm
E - Temple hight: 115mm

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NC-007LH - Night Contrast - Black Air Dynamic Frame - Yellow Night Contrast Lenses - Water-Repellent

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