How do I measure my glasses at home?

The only tool you need to measure your own glasses at home is a tape measure or something similar, a pen and paper.

1. First measure the width of your current glasses in millimeters (mm)
You measure the ends of your current glasses in millimeters, from left to right, as indicated in the image above and write down the width size: 132mm.

2. Now measure the height of your current glasses in millimeters
Then measure the height of your current glasses, again at the widest part of your glasses, as in the image above, and write down this height as well:

3. Now determine the correct width measurement.
Suppose the measurements measured by you at home are the same as the measurements of the blue glasses from our example, 132mm wide and 36mm high.
Then look up the size closest to 132mm wide or wider than 132mm in the tables below.

Below you will find all sizes available in our range in both Tables:

4. Find the nearest width measurement
Using the tables above, find the closest width measurement of 132mm from our example of the blue glasses.
You can find this size in table 1, at number 09, and please don’t use width measurements smaller than 132 mm.

Pay attention! When taking measurements at home, naturally look up the width and height measurements that are closest to or wider than the measurements you took.

5. Now determine the correct height dimension
Then look in the table at number 09 and the following numbers which height dimension is closest to the height dimension of 36mm from our example.
In this case, that is 37mm and again don’t use height measurements smaller than 37 mm.

6. Best choice
In our example we coincidentally also arrive at number 09, because the stated dimensions are closest to the measured sizes of the blue glasses from our example.
A Fitover Sunglasses from our Normal Series with the dimensions 132mm wide and 37mm high, therefore fit best over the blue glasses from our example.

7. Subsequent measures.
All subsequent sizes also fit over "your" blue glasses, but it is advisable to stay as close as possible to the measurements of your own glasses measured by you, otherwise the Fitover Sunglasses will become too large.

8. Do you have any questions?
If you have any questions about measuring your current glasses or about choosing the type of Fitover Sunglasses, do not hesitate to send an email or contact one of our advisers by telephone.

If it later turns out that the Fitover Sunglasses you have purchased or any other item from our web shop does not meet your expectations, you can exchange the item for another item within a period of 14 days, or you will receive your full purchase amount back.

Good luck measuring your glasses and making your choice!