Filter Categories 0 to 4

In the European Union, sunglasses are required to have a CE mark which is divided into 5 so-called filter categories.

Life is Sweet only sells Over Specs Sunglasses that have a CE mark and a Category.
These features can be found in the spring (leg) of the sunglasses we supply.
Below you will find a description of each category:

Category 0
This category offers the least protection, namely between 3 and 21%.
The lenses of these glasses are almost colourless or have a very light filter.
These glasses are often used in spectacles that only protect against wind, dust or dirt, but not against the sun, like our Windshield Over Specs or our Night Contrast Over Specs.

Category 1
Category 1 provides protection between 20 and 57%, for example, during slightly cloudy days.
These glasses are only slightly tinted and usually Yellow or Orange coloured.
They provide only weak protection against the sun, but also against wind, dust and dirt.

You can also choose from our Windshield Over Specs as well as from our High Contrast Day and Night Over Specs with Yellow, Orange or Amber tinted lenses or from our Over Specs with Orange tinted lenses which are suitable for the eye disease Macular Degeneration.

Category 2
This category filters between 57% and 82% of the sun's rays during moderate sunlight and has a slightly darker tint than Category 1.

This category provides sufficient protection on sunny days and while driving, cycling, walking and so on. In our assortment, this category is most commonly found in the Yellow, Orange and Amber High Contrast Over Specs frames.

Category 3
Category 3 is the most common type of Over Specs Sunglasses provided by

This category provides very intensive protection in the Netherlands and surrounding countries, as well as in Southern Europe and other countries with intensive sunshine.

The glasses are often Grey, Brown or Grey-Green (G15) in colour and are ideal for a holiday at the seaside, on the beach, in the car and all other outdoor activities such as cycling, sports, walking, etc., whether or not in combination with polarised glasses.
The protection level of this category is between 82% and 92%!

Category 4
The strongest protection is the above-mentioned Category 4, because this category offers protection against extreme sunshine and filters sunlight between 92% and 97%!

This category is perfect for the mountains, snow areas, desert areas and on and off the water whether or not in combination with polarised lenses. It is a very dark filter which is also perfect for people who cannot tolerate sharp light.

These glasses are not suitable for cars and other road traffic and are even prohibited!

Due to the extremely good filtering, you cannot see anything when you drive into a tunnel with a category 4 Over Specs Glasses and this can of course cause life-threatening situations! offers Category 4 glasses in its range of Snow, Sun and Water Over Specs Sunglasses, Winter Sports Over Specs Sunglasses and Marine and Sport Fishing Over Specs Sunglasses.